Who We Are

Trichord, Incorporated is a high-technology company specializing in systems integration and technology consulting. Beginning full operations in 2000, Trichord has a history of delivering large and small systems on-time and under budget. Trichord also has a history of delivering to its customers quality analysis based upon sound systems engineering principles. Trichord is driven to develop innovative technical solutions with superior customer service to address issues in the Public Interest.

With an emphasis on transportation related technologies, Trichord is uniquely qualified to offer technical support, design and development services to Federal, state and local agencies and private sector companies. Our comprehensive solutions offer the complete life cycle of technical deployments and product development – beginning with creating a Concept of Operations and system requirements definition to system design and implementation and operations and maintenance.

Trichord staff have gone through the complete life cycle of system development.  We understand the challenges associated with system design and development, the need for traceability of requirements from Concept to Implementation and Testing, and the need for solutions to operate correctly.  We are intimately familiar with the issues surrounding operations and maintenance. Our experience has given us a more diverse collection of technical skills to draw upon than is true of many consulting firms, or engineering companies in general. Maintenance and operations should always be a key critical aspect of any technology deployment. Trichord understands that it is not enough to simply design a solution, but that a complete solution must take into account funding cycles, maintenance needs and operational constraints.