Portable Traffic Monitoring

The PEMS Portable Traffic Monitoring System is a portable, solar powered traffic management system that uses wireless communications.  No local infrastructure is required.  The system consists of portable cameras, portable traffic sensors, and portable changeable message signs communicating via a computer server.

PEMS equipment can be used for traffic monitoring at planned events such as construction work zones, college graduations, sporting events, and used for unplanned events with advance warning such as hurricanes, floods, and prolonged incidents.  The system includes portable field devices (sensors, cameras, signs) a secure computer server, a web site, and an XML interface for integration with existing traffic management systems.

The PEMS Portable Traffic Monitoring System requires no local infrastructure.  It uses solar power and wireless communications to operate.

By following an open architecture, the PEMS Portable Traffic Monitoring System allows easy integration of additional components and interoperates with most commercially available traffic management systems.

For pricing on the system and its individual components, please refer to the Price Lists page.