Trichord Price List

Trichord Price List for Portable Traffic Monitoring Equipment

Prices valid through 12/31/2015

Item/Part Number Description Price
PEMS-2C Portable Camera Trailer $44,000.00
PEMS-2CT Portable Camera and Sensor Trailer $48,000.00
PEMS-2T Portable Sensor Trailer $27,000.00
PEMS-CMS Portable Changeable Message Sign (NTCIP Compliant) $25,000.00
PEMS-Server PEMS Server and Software for portable traffic monitoring $95,000.00
PEMS-2L Portable License Plate Reader Trailer $45,000.00
PEMS-L Server PEMS Server and Software for license plate recognition $75,000.00
PEMS Workzone Kit Portable Workzone Monitoring System including 5 PEMS-2C 5 PEMS-2T, 5 PEMS-CMS, and PEMS-Server $595,000.00
PEMS ALPR Kit Portable License Plate Recognition System including PEMS-L Server, and 6 PEMS-2L $335,000.00
ULAD Kit Ultra Light Aircraft Detection System including 1 tracking station 15 detection stations $875,000.00
ULAD Server Computer server to display ULAD tracking information. Note: Must have purchased the ULAD Kit previously $75,000.00
ULAD Detection Station Ultra Light Aricraft Detection Station. Note: Must have purchased the ULAD Kit previously $27,000.00
LABOR – Tech Technician labor hourly rate $150.00
LABOR – Eng Engineer labor hourly rate $175.00